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Rules and Regulation

1 - 任何加入本VA者,必須是IVAO正式成員,如未加入IVAO者,請先至IVAO申請加入。
2 - 每個人只能註冊一個帳戶。
3 - 會員註冊必須使用真實姓名,錯誤的用戶名將導致帳戶被刪除。
4 - 註冊時,您必須提供一個能用於通信之有效運作的電子郵件地址,成員有責任確保E-Mail始終有效。
5 - VA成員的最低年齡為17歲。會員必須確認在註冊加入VA時已經年滿17歲。
6 - 不能容忍造成威脅,敵對或惡劣環境的濫用和/或進攻性通信,無論是公共的還是私有的,不論傳輸方式如何。
7 - 加入本VA者,不得同時加入其他VA,已經加入其他VA者,須先行退出後始得加入。
8 - 加入本VA者,每半年需執飛至少50次航班。
9 - 以飛行員連線前請確保停在機坪,並遵從線上ATC管制指令,違反本VA或IVAO規範者,本VA得處以除名處分。
10- 本VA將依加入者飛行技能、知識、ATC等授予機師等級,未達機師資格者,將成員本VA學員並需接受本VA由T-1 ~ T-7之訓練。




14-由於導入VAFS系統 如有任何不當操作造成受損,會影響系統營收,因此受訓學員須由教官認可下,向簽派中心推薦,方可加入VAFS系統。

15 - 需要使用以下飛行模擬器之一:Microsoft Flight Simulator、Lockheed Martin Prepar3D、XPlane

16 - 因為英語是國際民航組織的官方語言,所以需要基本的英語知識。

17- 如有未盡事宜,再行修訂公告。

18- 未詳盡之規定處,以IVAO規定為主。

1 - Anyone wishing to join us must be an IVAO normal member. If you have no VID. Please register at to become a  member.
2 - Each individual person is only allowed to have one registered account.
3 - Membership registration must contain the member's real first and last name. A false user name will result in the account being removed.
4 - Upon registration, you must provide a valid, working e-mail address to be used for communications. It is the member's responsibility to make sure that the address on file is valid at all times.
5 - The minimum age for VA members is 17 years. Members have to confirm -upon registration- that they are 17 years or older when joining us.
6 - Abusive and/or offensive communications, whether public or private and regardless of transmission means, which create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment will not be tolerated.
7 - One person is only allowed to become one of our VA member and can't belong other VA member at same time.
8 - Each our VA are required to fly at least 50 flights every six months.
9 - Make sure to stop at the ramp and follow the online ATC control instructions, inviolation of this VA or IVAO specifications, the VA at the highest removal.
10- The VA will be awarded by the participant flight skills, knowledge, ATC, etc., who are not qualified for the pilots, will be members of the VA students and need to accept the VA from T-1 ~ T-7 training.

11-The content of this website is for simulated flight and may not be used for real aviation.

12-It is strictly forbidden to commit any crime, violate the good customs, and violate the legal behavior. If any one discovers, it will be handled by the police.

13-Basic training students are prohibited from driving commercial airliners in any connected platform environment.

14-Because of the introduction of the VAFS system If any improper operation causes damage, it will affect the system revenue. Therefore, the trainee must be recommended by the instructor and recommended to the dispatching center before joining the VAFS system.

15 - One of the following flight simulators is required: Microsoft Flight Simulator, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D, XPlane

16 - Because it is the official language of ICAO, basic English knowledge is required.

17- If there are any unfinished matters, the announcement will be revised.

18- The rules that are not exhaustive are mainly based on IVAO regulations.

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